Quezon City, Philippines

Quezon City, created in 1939, is a city in Metro Manila and was originally intended as a capital complex. Some of its original features are heavily inspired by the garden city movement. The city was planned to be a self-contained city, organized radially around a central green, with wards divided by large boulevards, generous communal green spaces peppered throughout, and the presence of greenbelts. Notably, the site has since evolved from a self-contained capital inspired by the garden city movement to something that, today, has been subsumed the wider Metro Manila, becoming extremely dense in the process. In its current form, it suggests that the self-containment principle is merely an ideal, one which, in this case, did not hold against the sprawl of the adjacent cities. In its original form, even if it probably would not have been read as a garden city by Howard in its totality, the presence of these design features are a testament to the internationality of the garden city movement.

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