Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea, is an example of a city designed around order. With its strategic placement along the Han River, there is a natural defense system of mountains and rivers. While not a perfect grid, elements of the grid system do allow this extremely population-dense to maintain order. However, the most significant part of this order is Seoul’s incredible public transportation system, with bus, subway, and railcars all coordinating. There are also separate lanes for bikes on the city’s roads, and it is also a fairly walkable city for pedestrians. Another important component of this order is Seoul’s division into 25 districts, which vary in size and population, and have their own legislative bodies, with mayors and sister cities as if they were their own separate cities. Each of these districts generally caters to one of the main city functions, such as residence, commerce, and recreation. This combination of compartmentalization and coordination is what makes Seoul a city designed with order in mind.

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