Zócalo, Mexico City, Mexico

Zócalo, is the main city square in Mexico City, and first began as a gathering place for religious rites and commercial purposes during the Aztec times, in what used to be called Tenochtitlan. After its conquest, Alonso Garcia Bravo tore down most of the Aztec temples and pyramids, and built buildings for the empire’s symbolic significance like the Metropolitan Cathedral, Palacio Nacional, and marketplaces. Over the years, Zócalo became a space for several historic events such as Grito de Dolores, and the 1828 Parián Riot for Mexican Independence. Today, after efforts to revitalize the area, Zócalo has become a space for parades and cultural events like the Festival de México, and it has continued to host political gatherings and protests. Zócalo is a space that has been transformed many times for the ruling power’s purposes , but it has remained a gathering space for civic action, democracy and culture.

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