The Villa at Sengokuhara: An Analysis of Space

The Villa at Sengokuhara, designed by Shigeru Ban in 2013, is a two story structure
that utilizes a combination of modern design and native Japanese concepts of space.
Shigeru Ban is a contemporary Japanese architect who has taken on many interesting
projects throughout the course of his career. These projects include creating entire structures
out of paper and developing plans to rebuild communities after natural disasters. Ban, having
studied at Cooper Union, was heavily influenced by modern developments in western
architecture, and he exhibits these forms in the Villa at Sengokuhara. The Villa at
Sengokuhara, built from timber, was finished in 2013 in Hakone, Japan. Ban reconfigures the
entrance, roof, and courtyard in a more modern way. Along with the composition of these
structural and architectural elements, the Villa uses the Japanese spatial concept oku,
shadow, and unprecedented uses of spatial diversity and flexibility to create a true hybrid of
western and Japanese architectural forms.

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