Serangoon, Singapore: City on the Swamp

Serangoon is a planning area and residential town located in the North-East Region of Singapore. The Tamil Muslim traders from India developed Serangoon in the early 1800’s and built for bridles. Singapore has been consciously designed from a British Colony with its focus on a long-term vision. It was built on a patch of swampy ground so order was created to limit effect of the swamp. The city has a unique way of managing waste, sewage, and air conditioning. Serangoon demonstrates how the city plan and current policies create partly self-sufficient towns so that there is not just one central area for gathering its citizens. The city attempts to maximize land use in building vertically and reclaiming land. It is highly technological while prioritizing affordable housing with a sense of efficiency in all designs. Urban planning was very important to Singapore due to land constraints and high density.

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