Seoul — Seoullo & Cheonggyecheon

Seoul in the last few decades have placed great emphasis on public space planning and walkability of the city. This is embodied in park projects around the Han River that penetrates through the city, but also throughout different neighborhoods of the city. The examples presented are Seoullo (2017) and Cheonggyecheon (2005), fairly recent projects that have transformed old vehicular highways into public spaces. They both penetrate some of the most congested neighborhoods in Seoul and effectively makes the area vehicle- and walking-friendly. Seoullo is an elevated linear park, approximately 1km long, stretching along Seoul station––the largest train/subway station in the city. This area was once an elevated overpass that was built after the Korean war, but closed due to safety hazards. Cheonggyecheon was a natural stream that got covered for transportation infrastructure in the late-1960s. In 2003, the elevated highway was demolished and the stream restored with public recreation space complementing it. The park is approximately 11km long and is located in the heart of Seoul’s downtown district.

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