Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Although Oklahoma City’s odd-looking city plan does not immediately lend itself to grandeur, it is a city more related to grandeur in its ideology, the “boom” ideology which founded the city itself. After the city was first started in the late 1800’s, it started to grow rapidly, its population skyrocketing over the following years. As a result, the city officials started to buy as much land surrounding the area as possible, regardless of how well it fit with the rest of the city plan. Unfortunately, the city did not grow as much in the future as they thought it would have, resulting in there being no reason for them to continue to buy land.
In addition to the city’s odd shape, the city also failed at grandeur with the Pei Plan in the 1970’s. OKC officials asked I.M. Pei to design their city’s new downtown, and he came to them with a futuristic design plan for Oklahoma City. Before they even started to put new buildings up, OKC demolished 40% of their downtown, which left them with a number of empty lots and a weak downtown, which took years to recover. In the wake of this demolition, OKC had to resign itself to less grandeur than it would’ve wanted, although with the Oklahoma City Thunder coming ever closer to a championship, the city gets closer and closer to its originally desired grandeur.

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