Miami Beach, Florida

When it comes to civic life, Miami Beach is designed to be a social place 24/7, yet there is an element of privacy and exclusivity that plays an important role in the perception of Miami Beach as a high-end place to party and live. With regard to social connection, Miami Beach is able to maximize social interaction during the day through its continuous coastline of public beaches, relatively walkable sidewalks and boardwalk, in addition to numerous parks and commercial boulevard, such as Lincoln Road and Collins Ave. At night, the walkable infrastructure combined with a notable police presence, enables Miami Beach to still be a social place, as visitors and S. Florida residents alike, flock to clubs to party and have fun. While Miami Beach manages to function as a social place through its use of walkable infrastructure and public commons, it is important to note that the pervasive element of exclusivity enforces a sense of insularity and protection. This is not only evident by the number of upscale hotels that charge relatively high rates and cover charges for wealthy tourists, but also in the many islands that isolate the wealthy from the rest of the city. Examples of these islands include Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, Star Island, the Venetian Islands, and most notably, Fisher Island (which is geographically isolated).

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