Grammichele: The Beautiful City of Sicily

Grammichele is an Italian city of about 15,000 inhabitants in the province of Catania, in Sicily. It was built by the refugees of neighboring Occhiolá, survivors of the earthquake of 1693. The peculiarity of this city is its hexagonal construction. Concentric hexagonal perimeter, begun to be built on April 18, 1693, is one of the few examples of rationalist architecture in Italy. The central square, hexagonal, has 8164.8 square meters, where the Town Hall and the Church are located, from where six streets depart from the center of each of the hexagon faces. The city is thus defined in six equal sections, one of which was left for the founder, Prince Carlo MarĂ­a Carafa – passionate about Astronomy and Mathematics – to build his palaces. A Sundial was built in the square – which they later removed – and which is now a statue. There are other monuments like a clock of a man kneeling and trapped by time. Truly a city built for decadence.

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